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Our host families are open to other cultures and know how to integrate an Au Pair into their family. They offer a private room, shared bathroom, board, Internet and weekly pocket money in exchange for flexible live-in childcare.
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Our Au Pairs are caring, responsible young adults, ready to integrate and acquire a better understanding of a new culture. They commit to 6 months+, hold an international driver’s license and have past experience with children of selected ages.
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Our Demi Pairs come from all over the globe and pursue their studies in their country of choice. They can join our cultural exchange programs and live with host families to acquire a better understanding of a new culture.
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Our Granny Pairs are vibrant 50+ women who would like to share their care and life-time of wisdom and experience with young families. They are well traveled and would like to acquire a better understanding of a new culture.

About Us

We empower you to make an impact and connect to other cultures.

The innovative online platform connects au pairs, demi pairs and granny pairs (50+) with suitable host families. By offering opportunities to build extensive cultural and child-care experience, learning about a new culture and shaping personality and build networks with other multicultural cares, we provide a platform for people to discover direction and ambition for their futures. Adventure Au Pair is an agency build around a handpicked team of passionate outstanding women with a combination of skills and experience.

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  • Au Pairs

    1000 members

  • Demi pairs

    800 members


    750 members


    1000 host families


These are the lovely ladies behind this awesome social enterprise
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Joanna Vogeley

Social Enterprise Guru
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Tiara Ayu Krisnawati

Business Development Manager
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Grasya Bangoy

Miss Tech


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